Our Story

How our vision came to fruition

The Hungry Hummingbird answers the question: Where do we find good local food and wine?

Let us introduce you to Vancouver Island’s burgeoning epicenter of amazing artisan foods. Our specialty is creating custom charcuterie boards that showcase a wide variety of fine meats, cheeses and seasonal ingredients. Enjoy our food with paired fine wines.

Delicious, carefully crafted with love… experience a taste of Vancouver Island’s food and wine brought to you by The Hungry Hummingbird. 




“The art of preparing and assembling cured meats and other meat products.” But many people use the term charcuterie to refer to an assortment of meats that are paired with different accompaniments, such as toast, fruit, cheese, olives, nuts and pickles. And that’s just what we offer.

Why a Hummingbird?

People ask me why I chose the name Hungry Hummingbird. Simple – I’ve always been drawn to hummingbirds because, while they seem like delicate creatures, they are actually resilient, constantly in motion, and always eating.

What We Value

Good food goes far beyond just the taste. Our mission and our passion is to create and deliver incredible food experiences while supporting local businesses and products. This is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and supports and values community. 

About The Founder

Born in Toronto, Ontario, but having lived most of her life in Victoria, Tricia values and embraces the west coast lifestyle. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for finding and connecting with local artisans. It is her pleasure to share the abundance of local flavourful creations (and stories) with her customers.